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Gauche-gtk 0.1 released

The first release of GTK+ binding for Scheme script interpreter Gauche. Requires GTK2.

Posted by Shiro Kawai 2002-09-07

Release 0.5

This is the first beta release of R5RS Scheme
script interpreter Gauche. Now it has error
handling and signal handling mechanism.

Posted by Shiro Kawai 2002-01-31

CVS repository moved to SourceForge

Now the CVS repository is in SourceForge. You can get the latest source tree (possibly unstable) via anonymous CVS. Click the "CVS repository" link under the public areas and follow the instructions.

The source tree doesn't have configure script, and you need autoconf on your system to generate it.

Posted by Shiro Kawai 2001-04-27