#64 Installation for dummies?


short version: Is it REALLY possible to get AIW radeon
to work as a telly tuner with Gatos drivers? How this is
done, step-by-step? Anybody?

long version:

How much less clear the instructions could be? Not
much, I guess. Thank you anyway for the work you have
done with Gatos, but the truth is that is nearly impossible
to install the drivers properly according to your
instructions. That is no problem, but what is a problem
that even google didn't found me any idiot's guide to

Full of hope, I installed Mandrake 9.2 with xfree86 4.3. in
order to get the system working with Gatos and AIW
Radeon (to be able to watch telly).

I extracted the ATIblah.gz tarball into /usr/XFree86/,
OK, how to configure the system to use these drivers
then? Or is it using them right now? I don't have a clue...

Then I installed AVview. Nice program. Just cannot find
any channels, regardles of the selected type of
connector, or anything.

Harddrake does not help either. Then, let's try scantv.
Surprisingly only errors. No xawtv then...

What is v4l2 ? Yes, it's something important, but how to
configure that to work with ati card and gatos. It should
be somehow connected to /dev/video0. No idea.
"Use insmod to load the module." What who where when

Sorry about this outburst, but I just experienced a level of


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