#97 Allow e-mail deletion (expunge) from Junk Folder


When I receive porn spam, or any spam for that matter, and it's placed in
the "Junk" folder, why do I have to move it to the trash then erase it? If
most or all emails that are placed in the junk folder are junk, then, should
there be an option to erase them while in the junk folder?

I usually don't open the spam...anyway, when I move it to the trash, the
trash indicates there is an unopened email. (I don't erase them in the trash
immediately because it's bothersome.) The next day, week, whenever,
(basically when I forget) I have to second guess whether there is an email
in the trash that I should have opened. So, I don't want to open it; don't
want to immediately erase it, but don't want an indicator to note there is
an unopened email.

Recommendation: Provide an in-folder erase function for the junk file,
especially for porn spam.


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