#18 Decouple GatorMail for UF specific services.


The login process currently makes some assumtions
specific to the University of Florida. Mainly it
assumes there is a LDAP directory with info on all
email accounts. It also assumes that there is a
database to hold address book information.

So that others can effictivly use GatorMail we need to
refactor the User class into a User and UFUser and move
all the LDAP stuff to the UFUser then that should do
wonders for other organizations that want to use GatorMail.

An ugly hack that others could try would be to gut the
LDAP related code from the login process and have the
user return the login name instead of the UF ID.
Version 1.0.9 will obsolete the LDAP look ups for the
user's real name as preferences are being implemented.

There might be other stuff that I cannot think of off
the top of my head.


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