#105 GatorMail for PDA


I use GatorMail with my PDA quite a bit and I strongly suggest that you
acquire, develop or otherwise get a web version that is more functional for
handhelds. The current web version is much too cumbersome for handhelds.
The list of folders should be either on the right side (so it will display
after the inbox messages) or it should be a separate page that is
selectable. In other words, the first thing displayed should be the inbox
results. The need to scroll through a long list of folders everytime you
refresh the screen after viewing a fill message or deleting checked messages
is extremely frustration and very time consuming when you may already be
dealing with bandwidth issues.

Also, and this applies to both the current and my proposed handheld version,
there should be a Delete Checked box at the bottom as well as the top of the
screen. With a handheld, after you've scrolled down to check off all the
spam and otherwise unimportant messages, its frustration to have to scroll
back up to clock on the Delete button.


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