#123 Western Characters


I don't understand WHY GatorMail WebMail is so
UNFRIENDLY for people willing to write/read an email in
Spanish (or any other Western language).

I hate to use GatorMail WebMail because of this. But
since UF guidelines are pushing up the implementation
of GatorLink email accounts, the situation is getting
more and more annoying with my Hispanic pears and
colleagues to properly transmit information by email.
About 50% of my emails are in Spanish, and 50% are in
English. However, Spanish characters NEVER show
properly, messing up my message and making it hard to
understand for my recipients.

I'm talking specifically for the following characters:

á (a with written accent)
é (e with written accent)
í (i with written accent)
ó (o with written accent)
ú (u with written accent)
ń (n with written tilde)

I am glad if you can read them well. When I write an
email in Spanish using GatorMail WebMail, these
characters are shown correctly. But when I send my
email (or when I receive an email written in Spanish)
my/the message appears with question marks (?) placed
where the Spanish character is supposed to be. The
following is an example when sending/receiving an email
in Spanish.

If I write:

"El diseńo de instalación de la estación CORS se
ajustará a la recomendación descrita por la
documentación -Monumentación de Estadía- que fué
preparado actívamente por el Equipo Geodésico el 6 de
Mayo del 2005."

Then I'm sending/reading:

"El dise?o de instalaci?n de las estaci?n CORS se
ajustar? a la recomendaci?n descrita por la
documentaci?n -Monumentaci?n de Estad?a- que fu?
preparado act?vamente por el Equipo Geod?sico el 6 de
Mayo del 2005."

Please keep me posted by all means if you have an
answer to this problem. I believe it is a shame that
with all the technology out there, this problem is
still causing so much frustration for everyone willing
to universally communicate with people. The only
alternative solution is to use a different email client
such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Netscape, Mozilla
Thunderbird or even Outlook. In the mean time, I will
keep trying to avoid GatorMail WebMail to write/read
something in Spanish.


Eugenio Palomo
UF senior student


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