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GatewayMU* redesigning

I have been redesigning GatewayMU* from the ground up. The new features I'm planning to implement include plugin support, better ANSI parsing (eg it actually parses the way it's supposed to), et cetera.

After I get the client up and working (semi-decently) I will start work on the integrated development environment and a few sample plugins for building on ProtoMUCK.

Also coming with the new version of GatewayMU* will be experimental MCCP, MSP, and MXP support.

Posted by Kaze 2004-05-20

Not dead, just in hybernation

Do to reasons beyond my control, the GatewayMU* project has been under hybernation. No, it is not dead. I will work more on it at the time that I am able to dedicate the time to it.

I do appologize for any inconviences this may cause.

Posted by Kaze 2004-03-17

GatewayMU* 1.0 Beta 1 Released

We have officially released GatewayMU 1.0 in Windows binary install program and cross-platform source code (via the wxWindows team). Since this is the initial beta release, there are still several features that do not yet work, but we will be getting to work on those features as soon as physically possible.

Posted by Kaze 2002-12-28

Not much longer...

I've got most of the hard stuff finished! All I need to do is to finish with the dialogs' implementation and the application class implementation. After that's done, it's crash test time on my system, and as soon as I have that relitively finished and stable, I'll release a version for download here!

Posted by Kaze 2002-12-04

And yet another restructure of the source code

Well, after working on GatewayMU* with Visual-C++ generated source files, I have decided to restructure the source code in a more logical and reasonable format. Visual C++ creates C++ classes in individual header and source files. I find this format to be desired for most applications, but it actually lacks desirability for GatewayMU*, as I have several classes that are only used within other classes (such as wxDisplayWindow and wxInputWindow; which are only used within the client frame (either the MDI child frame or the main frame).... read more

Posted by Kaze 2002-09-26

Using CVS now

We're using the Sourceforge CVS system to keep the files. Everything in the CVS right now is incomplete at best, so keep an eye out for updates. I hope to soon have the actual client released (and working) so that I can work on the IDE and release that.

Posted by Kaze 2002-09-17