And yet another restructure of the source code

Well, after working on GatewayMU* with Visual-C++ generated source files, I have decided to restructure the source code in a more logical and reasonable format. Visual C++ creates C++ classes in individual header and source files. I find this format to be desired for most applications, but it actually lacks desirability for GatewayMU*, as I have several classes that are only used within other classes (such as wxDisplayWindow and wxInputWindow; which are only used within the client frame (either the MDI child frame or the main frame).

From here, I will be restructuring the source code to something a little more streamlined, as I now have the ANSI parser worked out. Basically, it&#8217;s a quite simple class that does everything for me in a very small piece of code. Eventually, I will use the same class to translate from wxWindows wxColour codes to various codes, including ANSI $e[<code>m, ~&XYZ, and related codes. That will probably be later, though.

My next step is to finish the input window class (wxInputWindow) so that people can actually post to the MU*; finish the display window (wxDisplayWindow) so that people can get text from the MU*; then to start adding in features like triggers, aliases, and command buttons.

After I get most of the actual client features set up, I will be working on the integrated development environment, and create a script file for GlowMUCK and ProtoMUCK; as well as the script file syntax.

That&#8217;s pretty much all of the updates on this end. I will be uploading the new source files as soon as I have them ready for uploading, which will be sometime in the near future. The will first appear in the CVS until I have GatewayMU*&#8217;s client ready enough to release an alpha version.

Posted by Kaze 2002-09-26

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