Garnet Log

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[r28] by rotgut

Key bindings moved to text-keybindings.lisp

2013-06-27 21:03:35 Tree
[r27] by rotgut

Key binding stuff moved to multifont-bindings.lisp

2013-06-27 21:03:14 Tree
[r26] by rotgut

Add new files to be loaded (text-bindings and multifont-bindings)

2013-06-27 21:02:48 Tree
[r25] by rotgut

Add new files to be compiled (text-bindings and multifont-bindings).

2013-06-27 21:02:23 Tree
[r24] by rotgut

Break out multifont gadget key bindings, let this function use the one in text-bindings.lisp to avoid some duplication of code.

2013-06-27 21:01:25 Tree
[r23] by rotgut

Break out text gadget key binding function.

2013-06-27 21:00:24 Tree
[r22] by rpgoldman

Tweak the FULL-DISPLAY-NAME for Darwin (Mac OS X), because on the Mac, the
DISPLAY variable does not have a HOST component.

2013-06-25 23:02:05 Tree
[r21] by rpgoldman

Explicitly check for SB-THREAD on SBCL, and refuse to load Garnet if it's not present.

Garnet is no longer supported on single-threaded lisps.

2013-06-25 22:50:21 Tree
[r20] by rpgoldman

Whitespace canonicalization. No change to code.

2013-06-25 22:48:00 Tree
[r19] by rotgut

Remove code left in for debugging.

2013-06-25 21:15:44 Tree
[r18] by rpgoldman

Wrap the compilation in WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT.

At least on ACL 8.2, this suppresses a lot of compiler warnings about undefined

2013-06-25 18:37:18 Tree
[r17] by rpgoldman

Whitespace commit.

Removed tabs, in favor of spaces. Doing this now before providing a real patch.

2013-06-25 18:33:43 Tree
[r16] by rotgut

Make help string clearer for demo-manyobjs.

2013-06-25 07:02:37 Tree
[r15] by rotgut

Commit misc. changes for the last week. Current version has mostly fixed all reasonable compiler warnings.

2013-06-24 21:40:43 Tree
[r14] by rotgut

Get rid of troublesome file .latex2html-init

2013-06-14 18:49:10 Tree
[r13] by rotgut

Patch around strange error that causes CCL to break during compilation.

2013-06-14 01:57:57 Tree
[r12] by rotgut

Fix mistake in refactoring; continue attempts to push opal out of GEM and xlib out of opal.

2013-06-13 17:36:49 Tree
[r11] by rotgut

Fix mistake in refactoring.

2013-06-13 17:36:19 Tree
[r10] by rotgut

Merge latest 3.3-devel into trunk

2013-06-13 15:19:40 Tree
[r9] by rotgut

Commit all changes for merge to trunk.

2013-06-13 15:10:47 Tree
[r8] by rotgut

Move x.lisp into gem directory; fixes for ccl; change build-garnet to make images etc.

2013-06-13 06:07:20 Tree
[r7] by rotgut

1. Refactored GEM / Opal interface trying to remove circular dependencies. Still some work to do on this. Besides that, there's a triangular dependency between GEM, the Interactors and Opal that will probably always be there. That is, GEM calls Interactor code that calls Opal code. I think this is OK but I haven't really thought about it.

2. Added CCL support. The system builds but breaks at the end on a type error that I will have to track down. The system will load with "garnet-load" and run most of the demos OK.

2013-06-12 16:24:26 Tree
[r6] by rotgut

Add Id property tag.

2013-06-11 06:32:16 Tree
[r5] by rotgut

Make build instructions more explicit and complete.

2013-06-11 06:25:29 Tree
[r4] by rotgut

Add development branch.

2013-06-11 05:01:48 Tree
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