Proposing a second (?) garnet-user list

Sean Champ
  • Sean Champ

    Sean Champ - 2005-07-30

    In summary: I thought it might be suggested that a garnet-user list would be started under the garnetlisp SourceForge project.

    In explanation:

    I saw the garnet-user mailing list, mentioned on the CMU main page for Garnet.

    I've tried to subscribe to the garnet-user mailing list (recently - was subscribed to it, before) but I haven't seen any response from the garnet-user-request address, for the CMU garnet-user list, tonight.

    Looking at the GMane gmane.lisp.garnet.user group, the most recent message in the group is dated from November, 2004. While that might be a coincidence, together with the non-responsive garnet-user-request address, yet I'm guessing that it might  be an indicative coincidence.

    So, my first question: Is the garnet-user list at CMU still operable?

    My second question: If it is not, then would there be a possibility that a garnet-user list would be added to the garnetlisp project, hosted here at Sourceforge?

    If a "new" garnet-user list would be started, I would suggest that the list may be regarded as being for:

    1) Discussing the forms and applications of the components of Garnet

    2) Discussing any viably possible and previous revisions upon the Garnet codebase

    3) Discussing  Garnet-related projects

    4) Perhaps, discussing concepts that are represented within the components that constitute the Garnet codebase

    In else: I'd like to suggest some more particular matters, directly contingent about Garnet (e.g. integrating aggretrees.lisp and mult-garnet) but I do not intend to stock this message with any by-far tangential expressions, as about such.

    Thank you.

    • Robert P. Goldman

      I don't believe that the list at CMU is still operational.  But I don't know; I don't have any connection to CMU.

      Question, though --- is there any reason we need a new list, rather than just using this forum?  Is it because you want something bridged to usenet and google-groups?


      • Sean Champ

        Sean Champ - 2005-08-13

        Well, a mailing list should be easier to keep up with, and easier to respond via, rather than a solely HTTP-operated forum.

        Though it is receiving very little traffic, it looks like the garnet-user list is still live, however. Apparently, the operations of the list require some  human intervention for completing a sign-up request for it. Still, it can be signed-up to and joined via gmane.

        Regardless, If I have a patch to show, I'll put it somewhere in the tracker for garnetlisp, sometime when.

        If discussion, I'm generally not willing to drag along with a web-browser for it. Though an HTTP forum does continue to be viable  as a medium for communication,  yet these little tiny text forms are tedious to work with; and  HTML that they are wrapped in may seem excessive, for carrying a thing so simple as a text/plain message.

        I'll put a note it in the tracker, here, if there's any patches I'll have made. For any discussion, I'll keep an ear on.


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