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LabelPrint 0.0.6

Some improvements:
Added test prints for print limits, page borders, label tekst and position
Now stores values in Settings file.
* Refined behaviour for print limits / margins; if margin is smaller than limit, uses limit, otherwise margin.

Previous: Classes for labels, page etc.

Posted by wignoxqs 2017-03-21

Probable Cause 0.1.8 summary, 0.1.9: class interface export

v 0.1.9 Class documentation: Interfaces of classes

Of the selected category of sourcecode files (classes, forms, modules), a compilation of the definitions of the classes can be exported to a txt file.
For eacht class two parts: first the public properties, second the public methods.
See menu Export.

v 0.1.8 Summary
A summary can be exported from the 'results screen'.
After collecting the data on the main screen, choose "report" button down right, gives the results screen. Extra button added "summary", opens the summary txt file.

Posted by cybrarian 2016-07-19

Probable Cause 0.1.6, 0.1.7

0.1.6 small cosmetic things and QuickStart menu added.

0.1.7 Export of sourcecode
1. Menu Export added: prepare a txt file with a compilation of all the sourcecode files with filenames and content, separated by a line
2. Text gets general header with project name and version, and directory
3. all ready for import in an office document prepared to print sourcecode (e.g. import in a default empty odf file with small font, two columns, footer with pageno etc)
4. Possibility to filter out the DEBUG lines.

Posted by wignoxqs 2016-05-10

ProbableCause 0.1.5 bugfix and small improvements

  • bug fixed: clear private/public counters after choosing other (same) project to scan.
  • show opened project in result screen, so that you see what the results are about.
  • skip more carefull the "main" procedure: in output of only-not-used the main is surpressed, but without checking that it occurs in the startup class, so even this is not really completely right.
Posted by cybrarian 2015-02-12

ProbableCause 0.1.4 to check your gambas2 code for unused vars

This brings ProbableCause to the level I will start to test/use it on other projects
Changes are:
- FResults: skip Main procedure at report (but visible in FMain gridview Public procedures) so that e.g. MMain procedure Main is not mentioned anymore in
- FMain: RegisterProcParams adjusted (bug fix cutting words wrong)
- FResults: bug Devide by zero fixed (if one of the percentages could not be calculated)... read more

Posted by cybrarian 2015-02-11

ProbableCause 0.1.3 cleanup params+localvars ok now

Bug fix : At end of local procedure cleanup the params and local vars (visible in lsbxLocalParam that gets emptied now).

Posted by cybrarian 2015-02-09

ProbableCause 0.1.2 with adjusted name_Click handling in Tools

Procedures with _ in name are now correctly inventorised at initial scan, and are shown for what concerns the contained local variables, but are not shown in report as PUBLIC procedures to be use-counted (because the use is determined on runtime).
This is a bug-fix/correction for 0.1.1, where they were simply left out from the beginning.

Posted by cybrarian 2015-02-09 Labels: Tools ProbableCause

ProbableCause 0.1.1 with reports

  • now skips procedures of type ListBox1_Click (all _ names skipped)
  • detail report of all var/proc with title of app, checked project, date/time
  • summary report (% not used) with title of app, checked project, date/time
    Checks Gambas2 project source for the not-used variables and procedures (private, public and DIM).
Posted by cybrarian 2015-02-08

ProductSelect 0.1.0 added in B-SimpleSample

Changes from 0.0.9:
- adjusted psProducts.sql with fields prd_description and prd_remark
- corrected test button load of image1.png

Posted by cybrarian 2013-11-09

SimpleVersion created

Created folder and uploaded version 0.0.1 of SimpleVersion to demonstrate storing version of application in settings to check version at startup (might be important for database applications when data structure changed).

Posted by wignoxqs 2013-08-16

SimpleCounter 0.1.0 released

- To start using SimpleCounter and set up the database, you can now make the database from the SimpleCounter configuration screen, so that you don't have to go around phpMyAdmin or the MySQL command line. Need root / permissions on the database.

  • some small other corrections and improvements:

  • CData: user is saved now at data edit (was empty before)

  • MData: corrected getCounterLastReading to check for cnd_type="reading"
  • MData: added getCounterHighestReading... read more
Posted by wignoxqs 2013-08-12

Trigonometrics added

Project to try out some basic drawing/trigonometric functions in Gambas:

Drawing area, circle, center, 45°, 30°, sinus, cosinus

Posted by wignoxqs 2013-06-20

SimpleCounter updated to 0.0.8

  • FMain: feedback after save in FCounter: focus jumps to close button.
  • Bug/crash problem saving new meter: too many arguments!? - fixed "archived"-argument, was not yet available in MData
  • calculate average per day on current value and previous.
Posted by wignoxqs 2013-06-05

SimpleCounter updated to 0.0.7

  • included simplecounter.sql to create the tables manually ..
  • FMain: counter selection: push button "new" to start new entry (jump to input field), select input field (i.e. the zero that is preset)
Posted by wignoxqs 2013-05-21

arrayOfObjects updated 0.0.2

  • on klick on button, display button serial id on button itself
  • set to minimum 1 button
  • check values before creating buttons
  • adjusted button text and tooltips to better explain test function
Posted by cybrarian 2012-11-18

arrayOfObjects added

Demonstrates how to create an array of objects, here buttons placed in a grid and grouped for click events. See blog post "arrayOfObjects"

Posted by cybrarian 2012-11-13

Barcode sample added

Barcode sample program with EAN 13 barcode system, at start for 9 chars supplier code and 3 chars product code plus calculation of the 1 control character.

Posted by cybrarian 2010-02-27