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0.6 Offers New Options

0.6 has been released, and it brings new options to the table. users can now set their preferred scan type with the settings app. to see more details on the new features, see the release notes

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-26

0.5 - new user interface

0.5 has been released, and includes the "Ultramodern UI" interface enhancements. as always, see the release notes for more details

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-22

0.4.2 w/ scan types

0.4.2 is out, and users can choose between 4 preset scan types, or choose their own combination. see the release notes for more details

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-21

0.4 a big step

with 0.4, the harmful program removal apps have been integrated into the main app, as well as other changes. see the release notes for more details.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-19

0.3.1 Released

This version includes some minor improvements, see the release notes for more details.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-17

0.3 Released / Project Status

0.3 has been released with many improvements. see the release note for more details

With the current malware scanning functions, each additional entry adds about 32k to the total install size. while 32k is small, a database of 1000 programs will make this 32mb. it is for this reason that Gargoyle (under the current system) will never have a database of thousands of malware apps like some other programs. instead, Gargoyle will focus on detecting common and dangerous malware. the thousands of rarities floating around will be mostly left out.... read more

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-14

0.2 w/ advanced logging

version 0.2 is out, and it features an advanced logging system. the repetitive-use nature of Gargoyle calls for a more advanced logging system than regular installers. Gargoyle 0.2 creates log files which are named after their timestamps, meaning logs are not overwritten or appended, but each scan generates an additional log file.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-12

0.1.1 Released

The actual functionality of this version is only slightly improved, but the groundwork has been laid for many of the more complex functions. It currently scans for 1 adware - thats right, just one - called ZToolbar. While scanning for a single adware isn't very practical, it sets up the workings for others to easily be added. I've also made some small additions to the clearing operations, and added shadow to the icons. (yay!)

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-08

0.1 Released

this release is fully functional, except for the fact that the virus scan does nothing.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-06

Testing Release 0.0.1

I've made a new release with a visual demo of the deletion page. This release will give an idea of what i am going for with this program.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-03


After a whole bunch of tests, i have determined a few things. first of all, i've decided to mostly trash the module system. if gargoyle is to compile a list of found problems, and prompt for user feedback, then the module system makes the compilation of that list terribly complicated. as i work with the code i am realizing more and more that modules would be more trouble and effort than they are worth. there is one part which will use modules, which i will explain later, but for the most parti am moving towards using custom pages, since they are more customizeable and manageable than modules. i'm having only partial successes with definitions, but i do believe they can be effectively implemented for SOME of the program's functions. i have found that cookies are better off using a macro system like InstallFix TuffCookie. the cookie system in Gargoyle, however, would be different from TuffCookie. as far as what Gargoyle will cover, here is what i am considering now: it will remove cookies, clear caches, clear temp files, clear downloaded program files, and clear history under one sectiongroup. this first sectiongroup will work similarly to the respective sections of InstallFix. it will be completely automatic. the second sectiongroup will be for junk and mild forms of malware such as adware. this section would write results to a file and use a custom page to allow the user to choose which files to delete. the third sectiongroup would be for serious malware, like viruses. here's where the modules come in handy. the main program would scan for viruses. if a virus is found, control goes over to a module made specifically to destroy that virus. using modules here would prevent the high amount of loading time and RAM that a fully-integrated approach would use.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-04-02

Module System Working

The second testing build is out, and the module test is working as planned.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-03-29

First Testing Release

I just released a version, an early testing build. This build demonstrates the graphics and interface. There is no functionality, just a quick run-through.

Posted by Mike Ciance 2006-03-28