GanttPV v0.10 - Modeling, base/plan/actual, shortcuts, etc.

GanttPV v0.10 - New release

New features:
(1) Added support for Object Role Modeling.
(2) Added more gantt chart bars: completion, base, and actual.
(3) Added search box to dependency and assignment dialogs. Also included first names in assignment dialog.
(4) Added shortcuts for the Script menu to the main program.

New scripts:
(1) "One Task Per Resource" adds resource dependencies to prevent overbooking of resources.
(2) "Custom Colors and Sizes" to customize GanttPV's appearance. Increasing the column label size fixes the invisible date problem encountered on some machines.

Bug fixes:
(1) Foreign characters for HTML export.
(2) Tweaked allocation of effort hours.

Posted by anime 2008-10-08

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