GanttPV v0.5 w/ quick task chaining & task parenting

New features in release 0.5:
- Added "Window" menu to switch rapidly between open reports.
- Multi-level "Script" menu. Uses the same hierarchy as the Scripts folder.
- Uses Alexander's updated toolbar icons.
- A series of dependencies can be created at once. Select the tasks and click the "Assign Prerequisites" toolbar button. They will be linked in the order they are displayed.
- Includes "Remove Dependencies" script. Removes any dependencies between selected tasks.
- Task parenting. Sub-tasks can be grouped under parent task.
- New columns for task reports: Resources, Prerequisites, Successors, and Child Tasks. For example, "Resources" column displays a list of the resources assigned to each task.
- Creates task network diagrams.
- Works with GanttPV Server.
- Opens .ganttpv and .py files from the command line.

Bug fixes:
- Macintosh versions now display toolbar icons with the correct colors.
- Row colors and column sizes are now properly preserved when rows or columns are moved.
- Scroll buttons now work correctly with months and quarters.
- Duration units now take into account the current work week. (Days are not displayed unless all working days are the same length, but accepts entries in days using the average working day.)
- Fixed two errors in "Calculate Assignment Hours" script.
- Simplified some of GanttPV's internal logic. Corrected several minor errors.

Posted by anime 2005-06-21

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