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  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2004-06-18

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    Hmmm, I thought that diamond icon is a usual way to
    represent milestones. With respect to intersecting task bar
    and milestone line, if your task must meet the milestone,
    you create dependency task-milestone and milestone will be
    shifted automatically; if it doesn't have to meet the
    milestone, you probably don't need to see the intersection.

    Furthermore, milestone which is shown as a vertical line may
    be confusing on charts which are several pages height when
    printed. Imagine that on some page you see a vertical black
    line without any additional information. It is a milestone
    which you created three pages above :). But it is absolutely
    not obvious. To avoid such situations it is necessary to
    print some additional information in the chart legend on the
    top of page which will probably make the legend overloaded
    with information...

    Anyway, we'll consider imlementing the option of drawing
    milestones as vertical lines but with low priority. IMHO,
    dependency between tasks and milestones and good behavior of
    the group (task,milestone,dependency) is much better.

  • Peter Doyle

    Peter Doyle - 2004-06-18

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    I can see your point about how it will be confussing.

    At the moment I have the milestone sitting above the task
    like this

    The a milestone is at 50% of the task. When I try to make a
    dependency between the 2 the milestone shifts to either the
    start or end of the tasks due to the start-finish relationships

    I'll just leave the diamond floating above.



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