#34 Hour/Minutes/Seconds granularity of task duration


Currently (speaking of 1.97) it is not possible to have
task with a duration less than 1day. This is not
everytime a practical duration because there are for
sure a lot of tasks that do not need one complete day.
So it would be good to have "floating point" durations
such as 0.25 or 0.5 etc.


  • Frank Black

    Frank Black - 2004-04-21

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    second that!

    We don't hav to come to minute, but a scale of 1/4th of a
    working day would be nice.

  • Willem Voogd

    Willem Voogd - 2004-04-26

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    I would also like to stste that this is something i'm
    missing. I'm currently looking into the functionality of
    ganttprojects t osee if it is a canditate for adoption in
    the company i work for, and this is about the first thing i
    stumbled upon, well, as a matter of fact, didnt stumble upon :)

    So i would like to +1 this feature request!! :)

  • Cornelius Kölbel

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    It would also be a absolutely necessay feature for me!

    But nevertheless a realy cool tool!


  • Daniel Draes

    Daniel Draes - 2004-12-10

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    I'd definitly appreciate this! Would be very handy. Now I
    got to 'group' tasks to reach the 1 day, which is not very

  • frankh

    frankh - 2005-02-16

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    I'd like to add my support to this feature request.

    This is a crucial feature that currently blocks adoption of
    this tool by my company. The smallest incremental value we
    would like to see would be a single hour.

  • rolandog

    rolandog - 2006-01-15

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    This one would also be crucial to me. I think a minimum of
    30 minutes would be great... but it'd really be great to be
    able to schedule tasks of 5 minutes or so. And of course,
    being able to schedule them at 12:05 or 16:30 would also be
    a great improvement.

  • Carlos Yaconi H.

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    I'm wating for this functionality too...


  • Matthieu PAINEAU

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    At my work, we want to use GanttProject. But we need more
    granularity in duration : at least half day (we could type
    '0.5' in duration field)...
    Thanks a lot !

  • BennieD

    BennieD - 2010-07-09

    Please increase priority of this request!

    At least a scale of 10 minutes.
    My projects runs typically over 3 to 14 days on 24 hour calender.
    Minutes counts!