#315 Multi-year view/zoom

Aron Quells


I am working on projects which last over several years - up to 8 or 10 years.
In version 2.0.4 the widest view I can get is about 1.25 years. This makes GanttProject unusable for me which I very much regret because GanttProject is a great piece of software.

Would it be possible to add wider multi-year zoom levels, showing quarter years instead of weeks (as M$ Project does)? Up to 10 years would be ideal.

I would very much appreciate that!



  • gdupont

    gdupont - 2007-04-27

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    I would also appreciate such feature which appears different from project granularity. Only a visual feature but really usefull for long term project. For the same, we could thing to offer a better view on tasks which include subtasks when they are not openned ("+" button not pressed). It allows to have a better view of a global project with may sub-tasks.


  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2007-05-07

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    Sorry, g_d, I don\t understand your comment. What feature did you mean? In any case, if it is different from zoom levels, please address it in other feature request

  • Ulrik Janusson

    Ulrik Janusson - 2007-09-24

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    Let me just say that I agree with Aron, lack of a multi-year view is a showstopper for me too. It seems like a simple thing, just zoom out and show years instead. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be in.



  • Michael Wagner

    Michael Wagner - 2008-07-30

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    Hi dbarashev,

    I have the same problem with multi-year projects - cannot see them in their entirety.

    I would suggest a two-phase solution:
    1) widen the range of zoom levels (+/- toolbar buttons, <view zooming-state...=""> xml tag) from 0..8 to, say, 0..12 or whatever it takes to see everything. (this looks easy and would already make me happy)
    2) implement new granularity (eg, months, quarters) in order to have a nicer-looking time scale at the top of the window

  • Polymorpheus

    Polymorpheus - 2010-07-01

    For me, even 10 years won't be nearly enough. I'm trying to use GanttProject to develop a technology timeline for a science-fiction novel, so my time scale's about 200 years.


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