#308 Detect concurrent usage of the same project file

Werner Hoch

Hi all,

there's a problem if two users open a project file and both make changes and save the project.

When both users save their changes the change of the first user will be overwritten by the second user --> data loss.

Possible workarounds or fixes:
1. if the file on the disk has changed, the user should be prompted whether to overwrite the file or save the project at a different location.

  1. only allow one user to open the file in readwrite mode. The second user should only be able to open the file readonly.

used OS: WindowsXP

Let me know if you need more informations.



  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2007-03-08

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    I moved this issue to feature tracker because project version management (which you most likely need) is not our goal. If you really need concurrent access with locking, consider using WebDAV or CVS/any other version control system. But we surely can look at file modification timestamp when saving and warn if there are any suspects that file was modified.


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