#284 Custom properties : Concepts and devlopment req details


Custom properties (new features) proposal for features
and details of development.

This text was first an answer to 935628 (by D.
Barashev) and is connected with my proposal 1582054)

In my opinion the custom properties definition must be
a general parameters problems, but it can be managed
from task (or events : milestones panel properties as

The problem in my opinion is that not all possible
custom properties occurences have to be defined for
each task. This is a valuable part of the philosophy of
structured data with XML support.

The consequency is that the custom property tab must
show a column with a combobox to choose a custom
property and a column to get it. This column can have
an associated combobox which shows the default value
and all the yet defined values for others tasks.

An example can be : a task which belongs to a
"category" of tasks (this concept doesn't exist) which
catagory name should be for example : "purchasing
equipment". For this category the user needs to define :
- product specification responsible : Mr. x
- purchaser : Mr. y
- quality control : Mr z

For another "category" explicit or implicit of tasks
the singificant custom properies will be different.

So the custom properties tab can contain the folowing
functions :
1- set the fact that a property has to be defined for
the task (or event : mile stone... see if you whish the
text I submit into open discussion "new xoncepts
for..."). This is just to create a line for this
prperty into the custom properties grid.
2- set the value of the property choosin into
pre-defined possibilities

A "meta" level is :
1- create new value posibility of a property (Mr Z as
purchaser) which will be added to the choice of the
2- create a new custom property (nevertheless I think
that the tool for synthesis of custom properties and
management should be the project properties (options))

So, the corresponding development can be shared into
five components (of the same development action) :
1- Into the custom properties grid, replace this list
of all custom poperties by the list of yet defined
custom properties values for the task occurence
2- Add (as for depends tab) a blank line with combo to
choose a custom property into the yet full defined
custom properties list
3- Add a combo to the value field wich will contain all
the known (yet defined, used) occurences of values for
the property assocated to this current grid line.
4- If a not know name is got into the property name
(combobox list with get new value option) : open the
panel of definition of a new custom property. So allow
at this place to create (as now but not at all with the
same way) new properties.
5- Create into "preferences" (which is not in my
opinion a good name : better "parameters" = "project
and general parameters") "custom properties" tab which
will show a complete grid with properties name, data
type, predifined values, allow new values - see upon -
etc... many useful developments can be made at this place.

NOTA : The full actual XML structure is yet adapted to
this user interface features.


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