#283 Individual working days/hours


First off all it should be possible to defined the
working hours of each ressource individually.
Some people have to work 42h/week, others 21h/week or
even different hours.
It should be possible to define the working days for
each ressource individually, for example part time
working personnel may choose to work 4h/day for 5 days,
or 8h/day for 2 days and 4h/day for one day each week.
This would also influence the end date of a task of
20hrs given to a person working 2,5 days (2 days 8h, 1
day 4h) would be completed after these 2,5 working days
(not neccessary monday thru wednesday tho!), but this
task given to a person working 5 days (5 days 4h) would
be completed after 5 days.

A nice extra would be if the ressources could be
modified dynamically, for example raising the working
hours for certain personnel during a critical time of
the project.


  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2009-05-11

    I second this suggestion! I recently switched from OpenProj to GanttProject because the former is way to buggy and doesn't work as nice. This feature, however, is the one thing I really mis.