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my name is Luigi Buglione and I'm a Software
Engineering associate professor at the Ecole de
Technologie Superieure (ETS) in Montréal, working also
as ICT professional with Atos Origin Italy.

Few years ago I've created a project sizing technique
called PSU (Project Size Unit), in order to early
estimate whatever kind of project (not only software
ones) from a Project Management viewpoint, including
all the three possible types of requirements:
functional, quality and technical ones. In particular
for software projects, Function Points or other
similar techniques measure only the functional size of
a project, not the whole size. So, using PM management
principles and moving from the FPA logic, PSU
represents a possibility to create a "virtual" project
size unit where the counting unit is the WBS task,
properly classified. The calculation of a size unit
for the project allows to have the basic couple of
info (size; effort) for performing estimations based
on historical data for next projects.

Right now, a reference webpage is active on my
personal website with FAQ @
where is available for free download the Measurement
Manual (v1.01) and a calculation template in MS-Excel.

Since the calculation has to be done on tasks, a
significant improvement would be its inclusion as a
feature in a Project Management tool. In fact, after
compiling and revising your WBS, it would be great to
simply click on the taskbar and have in return
directly the "size" for your project in that moment,
with 0 minutes needed for having this additional info,
useful for replanning your project and creating in an
easier way a historical project database for
estimating next projects (with export files in CVS or
XML format, to be shared between a project manager and
the PMO in your organization, reducing also the
storage time for this kind of info).

And I think that GanttProject could be the right
solution, because its level of maturity and diffusion
in the open-source community.

Note that even if yet used by some ICT companies, I'd
like to stress that PSU is not a commercial product,
it's in the public domain, it's an idea - like the
open source software - that I'd like would be spread
and improved during time.

Is there somebody that can help me in adding this
feature under a new release of GanttProject?

If somebody could be interested in receiving more info
and details, please contact me at

Thanks in advance for your attention!

Best regards,
Luigi Buglione
SEMQ: http://www.geocities.com/lbu_measure/


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