#153 Creation of new tasks should be easier

Usability (37)


I want more keyboard-based control.

Tab should demote as task, shift-tab the reverse.

A new task should be created by pressing shift-return.

Return on an active task (nicely selectable via the
cursor keys - many thanks) should open the properties




  • Vic_J

    Vic_J - 2005-01-21

    Logged In: YES

    Hitting return on an active task opening properties is a
    nice idea.

    As an extension of that it would be nice if when a new task
    is created the properties window is opened with the cursor
    in the task name window. I find that the first thing I do
    when I create a task is then have to open it, highlight and
    delete the "New task" text then enter the task name.

  • Wanderhirn

    Wanderhirn - 2005-10-05

    Logged In: YES

    1. I noticed, that there is a shortcut (strg+T) that creates a
      task, but you can use RETURN too. That seems not to be
      reasonable for me.
      I agree, that the shortcuts strg+T and strg+R are too
      complicated to use. Return for editing a task seems easy for
      me and to create a new one, i woul suggest INS or strg+N
      (for New).
    2. Editing a task should be also done with one click (because
      editing one is a common reoccuring task). Right now there
      seems no possiblity to to it with one click. I suggest a
      small "icon" at the left side of the tasks...
    3. Its (really) too complicated to open a new task. If i open a
      new task i ever want to give it a name. So, if i open a new
      task, the cursor should jump into the "name"-field

    4. By the way. Delete a task is done with Del an page up /
      down also. Why not INS and 1st page/Last page ?

    5. Its not MS-Project - its GANTT
      Maybe it seems odd. But i dont like the seperation of "edit
      notes" and "General". If i use notes i would like to see them
      in an easy way. I would like to not to have a look at them by
      thinking about them. They have to be there, because of that
      they are there. (or why do you do use notes?)


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