#851 Changing one task introduces serious errors in others



A serious show stopper for us: on changing the end or starting date of a certain task, other - depending - tasks automatically get shifted to plainly wrong dates. Often, the start date of a depentent will have been changed to before the end date of the task it depends on!

I've found a (rather unworkable) solution: for each wrongly positioned task, select the previous tasks properties and click 'ok'. The depentent task then moves to a correct position.

Seems some kind of updating problem!



  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2009-04-04

    I tried to reproduce this problem with HouseBuildingSample project but it worked fine. Can you please describe an exact sequence of steps to reproduce the problem or share your project and point a task which, if changed, shows this issue?

  • Johan Tilstra

    Johan Tilstra - 2009-04-06


    I've attached a project that shows the described problems - when dragging no matter which task, other tasks get moved to faulty positions. Also check the screen dump I've uploaded, it shows clearly that start dates get moved to before the end date of the task it depends on. That, of course, shouldn't happen.

    Just open the uploaded project and, with the mouse, move some tasks around. You'll see the described behaviour!


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  • Dmitry Barashev

    Dmitry Barashev - 2009-04-18

    Thank you dear bot, but you must've missed a response by the original submitter... Reopening the ticket again.


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