Hi Douglas,

I'd compiled Ganglia-3.0.7 with Gmetad module and Ganglia-3.1.2 without Gmetad under Cygwin 2.573.2.3. I use Ganglia-3.0.7 on my Windows HPC Server cluster (http://cluster.software.unn.ru/mc/ganglia/) with WINDOWS master node. Also I have completed sources and scripts that can compile this versions of Ganglia. If You want it I can send by email.

Moreover I'm developing managed version of Gmetad daemon using C# on .NET platform. I'm planning to create first release in near future.

Best regards,
Ivan Lozgachev.

2010/6/23 Douglas Wagner <douglasw0@gmail.com>
So from two days ago when I had mostly nothing setup, I've now got half our Unix architecture under monitor (with management screaming for the other half to get working NOW) and now I've got the other side of the fence (the windows guys) going "Hey, I've got systems I need looked at too!"

I know ganglia is supposed to work on windows, and I actually found a windows package at:  http://tapir.sajinet.com.pe/ganglia/ganglia-3.1.1-bin.zip which is pre-compiled 3.1.1 which seems to run (at least on my XP box, haven't tried it yet on 2003/2008)...at least it's reporting to my linux GMETAD cluster master so I'm hopeful.

Anyway, this got me thinking that perhaps my prior trials in getting GMOND to run on windows were nothing more than me not knowing what I was doing. 

I'd forgotten about the libconfuse compilation issues.

So I build libconfuse on Cygwin on my local XP development box and it gets stuck into /usr/local/* (lib, include, etc.).

Come back around (according to the README.WIN and tell ganglia to compile --with-libconfuse=/usr/local and it blows up telling me it can't find libconfuse.  Linking everything into /usr/lib doesn't help either.  I've seen docs on this but assumed it was supposed to be fixed in 3.1.2.

Beyond this, anyone have experience with Ganglia + Windows?  Is EVERYONE using the 3.0.x packages or does someone have something 3.1.x running.  Is there a "GOOD" set of documentation running around on how to build Ganglia + Windows?

--Douglas Wagner

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