Go to www.rpmfind.net, search the file: libc.so.6 and libpthread.so.0,
Maybe you can find some usable info about RH7.x.
Good luck!

"Kennedy, Robert B" <robert.b.kennedy@boeing.com> wrote:
I'm trying to install Ganglia on a Linux box with RH7.3
(2.4.23-bluesmoke). I get a failure on the gmond core (v2.5.6-1)
install that states that a required dependancy fails. This is for the
glibc stuff. It is asking for newer libc.so.6 (glibc v2.3) and
libpthread.so.0 (glibc v2.3.2) files, but my system is running v2.2.5 of
those. I cannot find a version 2.3 of GLIBC for Redhat 7.3. How do I
overcome this issue? Is there another glibc v2.3.X
that I can use? I don't want to adversely affect any other operations,
but I won't be able to get Ganglia running otherwise, eh?

Thanks for any help!


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