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Gandalf 1.6 released

New features in Gandalf 1.6:

Support for 64-bit systems
Added BGR and BGRA pixel formats

Posted by Philip McLauchlan 2006-09-21

Gandalf 1.4 released

This version has specific support for 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit float images. There is also 2D convolution code supplied by ngel Serrano Snchez de Len, and lots of small improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by Philip McLauchlan 2005-02-23

Gandalf 1.3.2

Fixed some bugs from version 1.3.1.

Posted by Philip McLauchlan 2003-12-15

Gandalf 1.2 released

Well it's been almost a year since Gandalf 1.2 was released.
It's not because I haven't been working on Gandalf! However
Gandalf 1.2 is mostly bug fixes to Gandalf 1.1, plus a few new
modules. The main additions are:

* Mac OS-X Project Builder project files.
* New modules implementing the Fast Hough Transform (FHT)
* Specific macros to handle 8, 16 and 32 bit images
* Modifications to the Unix build procedure allowing more
general use of configure... read more

Posted by Philip McLauchlan 2003-03-14

Gandalf 1.1

New version with Doxygen documentation, JPEG
support and lots of new camera projection code.
Now tested on Linux, Windows, IRIX and Solaris.
CVS repository also created on SourceForge.

Posted by Philip McLauchlan 2002-04-29