GamutLogViewer 2.2.002 released

Several important bugs have been addressed with these two patch releases. A special thanks to Jeremy Nicoll for taking the time to report these.

03-25-2012 Version 2.2.002 released
- Bug fixes:
- App Preferences -> Display Line numbers required you to close the log and
reopen it to take affect. This now works on open log files.
- The wizard now looks at the currently selected line when one tries to
configure the app.

03-24-2012 Version 2.2.001 released
- Bug fixes:
- ID: 3509664 - Config wizard screen is never drawn properly. Now the last
column propery fills the grid.
- ID: 3509653 - Find and highlighting now works correctly when you don't
have a configuration defined.
- ID: 3509646 - Exception in filter dialog has been fixed.
- Delta times are updated properly when 'File Monitoring' (tail) is enabled.
- Row selection is now properly maintained when applying filters and bookmarks.

Posted by SteveAube 2012-03-25

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