Kalkun 0.6

<p>Full changelog:</p> <ul> <li>Changes: max sms sent by minute (Issue #66)</li> <li>Changes: send and repeat on compose</li> <li>Changes: add phone number on compose contact autocomplete</li> <li>Changes: implement recover my password (Issue #69)</li> <li>Changes: added CUBRID database driver and schema</li> <li>Changes: add simple REST API server plugin for sending sms (Issue #76)</li> <li>Changes: add simple xmlrpc server plugin for sending sms (Issue #18)</li> <li>Changes: add simple jsonrpc server plugin for sending sms (Issue #18)</li> <li>Changes: add support for non-login controller/ plugin</li> <li>Changes: added plugin sms_to_xmpp</li> <li>Changes: move view-js-plugin to their own directory</li> <li>Changes: Implemented plugin SMS to wordpress (Issue #75)</li> <li>Changes: use database transaction on move_messages (Issue #72 #73)</li> <li>Changes: Fixed shorttag php (Issue #70)</li> <li>Changes: remove tolower from tokeninput</li> <li>Changes: add missing group_by function for pgsql</li> <li>Changes: Add new paramater 'time' on external script plugin</li> <li>Implemented Play notification sound when new sms arrived (Issue #57)</li> <li>Add notification when delete messages</li> <li>Bugfix: add default paramater/ value on get_phonebook,<br /> </li> <li>compose_process. Use typecast instead convert string to array</li> <li>Changes: Implemented Inbox Routing based on phonebook (Issue #36)</li> <li>Changes: parameters on convert_phonenumber function now become array</li> <li>Changes: Implemented country code on user setting (Issue #58)</li> <li>Merge branch 'devel' of github.com:back2arie/Kalkun into devel</li> <li>Changes: Username limitation validation message (Issue #61)</li> <li>Added: Finnish Translation</li> <li>Added French Translation</li> </ul> link

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-07-30

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