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Drag n' Drop And Tool tips

Since the last news item was posted some new features has been added to GameUI. The first is the drag and drop feature that enables to drag data or objects from one place to another. The second is tool tips that enables small help messages to be displayed when the mouse is hovering over an object. Some other features like fillRect() enables to alpha blend and improvements to the theme-files has also been implemented.... read more

Posted by Tommy Calrsson 2006-03-17

Added To Sourceforge

The GameUI project has been under heavy development since the day it was started about half a year ago and I feel that it's finally ready to be put out for public display. It starts to be usable, the API might still change a bit but there are probably not going to be any major changes in it, and I do need a lot of feedback to be able to improve it. These are the reasons why I chose to sign it up on Sourceforge at this time.... read more

Posted by Tommy Calrsson 2006-02-12