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Seeking new coders:

We need one or more coders who would be willing to work with us to develop a new concept in virtual table top and whiteboard applications. To support this effort, a Kickstarter (or similar) project will be created and any funding thus obtained will be used to remunerate the time and efforts of all involved.

Please contact the project admin with your credentials and availability.

Posted by nijineko 2014-09-20 Labels: programmers coders wanted

New OSU-gt 2.0 RC9 and 3.0 Nighly Build

  • OSU-gt 2.0 RC9 Has been released - adding the fixes that were found in the old "nightly" build.

  • OSU-gt 3.0 "nightly build' has been released. Not near production quality, but showing signs of being usable.

  • CVS has unexplainedly dropped our 2.0 code. RC9 now resides in SVN under its own branch.

Posted by Eric Maziade 2011-08-19

Outage corrected, all systems are go!

The issue causing the wiki and forum site to be down has been corrected, everything is fully operational. We look forward to seeing you on the forums!

Posted by nijineko 2009-07-10

Temporary Outage

The Gametable wiki and forums are temporarily down, but the issue is being worked on. The Sourceforge site and the gametable.110mb.com site are still active, and we can be reached by email via the Sourceforge site.

Posted by nijineko 2009-07-09

Gametable 2.0.RC6 Released

This release addresses several annoying issues as well as a few more major ones. Over all, this release makes Gametable a little bit more stable, fixing the only known crash issue, and a bit easier to use.

* [Fix] Continued changes to pogs and underlays to further improve the system.
* [Fix] Fixed issue with players disconnecting and still showing connected.
* [Fix] Chat system lag and potential for program crash fixed. All chat features from earlier versions work.
* [Fix] Rotation issues at various map zooms have been fixed.
* [Fix] Issue with save files still saving with wrong extension fixed.
* [Change] Pogs now sorted alphabetically in the pog library without regards to capitalization.
* [New] A menu option has been added to lock or unlock all pogs and underlays on the map.... [read more](/p/gametableproj/news/2009/06/gametable-20rc6-released/)
Posted by Rizban 2009-06-18

Forums restored, new wiki under construction, patches. .

The old site forums, found at http://gametable.mornproductions.com/forum have been restored. Unfortunately, some of the forum data was lost in the hdd failure that brought the site down. It has been restored to the most recent backup available.

Also a new wiki is under construction. We hope that you will join the forums and wiki and that we will see you soon.

Finally, the various patches which have been submitted over the past year or so have all been incorporated into the trunk. Thank you for your participation in the Gametable project!

Posted by nijineko 2009-04-19

Gametable website host is up again!

The website is now available again. Also, be sure to visit the Gametable forums, found under the "hosted apps" tab on the Gametable sourceforge site.

Posted by nijineko 2009-04-02

Gametable website host is down...

Our current webhost, www.110mb.com is having technical difficulties with box16, the one that the Gametable site is currently hosted on. We are looking into a solution.

Posted by nijineko 2009-04-01

Gametable forums underway, site is up and running...

The new Gametable site can be found at http://gametable.110mb.com, and the forums are currently under construction. A wiki will be forth-coming once the forums are ready to go.

Posted by nijineko 2009-03-12

Gametable to receive new website and forums.

The Gametable project is due to receive a bit of a facelift, in the form of a new website and forums. A wiki is also scheduled to be incorporated. More news about these updates will be forthcoming.

Posted by nijineko 2009-02-12

Gametable forums down....

The gametable forums found at (http://gametable.mornproductions.com/forum) are down for the time being. Some work is being directed towards the creation of a backup forum in the meantime.

Current members of the forum are still able to log in and access the information in the threads and message system, but otherwise the forum is locked. It is unknown at this time how much time will be needed to address the issues. ... read more

Posted by nijineko 2009-02-07

Gametable 2.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) released

We are pleased to announce the release of Gametable 2.0.RC2. Unless there are further bug reports, this should be the final RC prior to a final release of Gametable 2.0. Full release information may be found here: http://gametable.mornproductions.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=403

Posted by Rizban 2008-04-15

Gametable 2.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) released

We are pleased to announce the release of Gametable 2.0.RC1.
Link to official announcement: http://gametable.mornproductions.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=393

Posted by Rizban 2008-04-09