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Gamestats .1.5.4 released

The latest beta release of gamestats is now available. We are working on COD 4 support and if you have any other games you'd like to see stats for, let us know.

Posted by Ben Prew 2008-08-19

GameStats now parsing Call of Duty 2 logs!

Gamestats newest version (1.4.6) now has support for Call of Duty 2. In addition to adding new support. there were some bug fixes made to the original Call of Duty log parser. I'm in the process of moving, so at this time, I can only upload the Perl source version. Once I get everything settled, I will upload the Windows binary version.

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-03-17

Gamestats 1.4.5 released

We've just released the latest and greatest version of gamestats, all previous releases being of less greatness then this one.

Mostly just bug fixes, see the release notes for more details.

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-02-24

1.4.4 released

At long last, I think I've finally gotten all the par .exe generating problems out of the way, and have released 1.4.4, which also fixes a bug parsing COD v1.3+ logs.

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-01-20

Windows version of 1.4.3 released

I realized there was a bug in the way I was generating the windows executable that would cause it to generate incorreclty.

That has been fixed now!

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-01-12

Windows version of 1.4.1 uploaded

I just uploaded the Windows version of 1.4.1, to run it just download the .zip and run gamestats.exe.

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-01-07

1.4.1 bug update released

There were a few bugs with 1.4.1 that have been squashed, so it should be running smoother now.

Also, the executable only works under Linux, I will be posting a windows executable shortly. Until then, you can download the Linux version, but it requires doing the same Perl setup for the 1.3 versions.

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-01-07

Perl no longer needed

Now that we are using PAR to bundle our releases, you no longer need Perl installed to run Gamestats, just run the gamestats.exe file included in the .tgz

Posted by Ben Prew 2006-01-01

1.4 Released

I am pleased to announce the 1.4 release of Gamestats, with several notable features:

  • You no longer need Perl installed to run gamestats (thanks to PAR!)
  • Jedi Knight 2 support
  • SOF2 RPM and T2K mods added
Posted by Ben Prew 2006-01-01

New homepage

Hey, our new homepage, which is now hosted as sourceforge, is I have a simple page up for the time being, but it has links to the files and the forums. We are currently using the sourceforge forums, but I am considering using different forums, but its pretty low on my list, so unless someone really despises the sourceforge forums, it probably won't happen soon.

Posted by Ben Prew 2005-10-31

Jedi Knight 2 parser in final test

We are finishing up final testing for Jedi Knight 2, and hope to have that out in the next few weeks. In the meantime, take a look at the latest r1_3_3_branch changes we have made, they include sortable information, and flag cap tracking!

Posted by Ben Prew 2005-08-19

GameStats v1.3.3 released

More bugfixes! Heres some quick notes from CHANGES.txt
- fixed call of duty parsing, at least for our server
- fixed whitespace in a players name (wasn't that illegal anyway?)
- fixed total time display in header
- fixed bug that was not converting the player names into ids properly when printing to html
- ROC mod now tracks headshots like OSP, changed parser to work like OSP.
- Changes to make ALT kills show up properly.

Posted by Ben Prew 2004-05-22

Test version 1.3.2 released

This release includes many bug-fixes and allows you to use players.dat files that were created using older version of the software. This version also fixes a number of problems parsing the players.dat file.

Posted by Ben Prew 2004-04-06

Test version 1.3.1 released

The latest version of gamestats has been released, now with support for Call of Duty! As with all testing versions, test files and utilities are included.

Posted by Ben Prew 2004-02-25