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Nice to see poeple still posting,
well things for me over the last few months have been hetic to say the leaste. Any way with that behind me and php5 now at release stage this summer looks good :)
with a littel work and some time i manged to get mambo open source (soon to be called "mambo") is on the hosting, that will be replacing these forums and will also hold the knowledge base. For those that dont know what happend to and due to funds running out we had to abandon our nice server :( but we have bounced back and are making progress. The code at the moment is 100% php5 compatable, no more register globals, no sql bugs, full templating system with caching ability. A decent story lie for the default game. ok'ish documention. A install script and much more. sadly this is still a long way off from what i want to show you at the end of the summer. its sad realy with all thats been going on im beginging to sound like valve software :P Any way, keep a look out ... read more

Posted by Matt Evans 2004-07-12

Version 3 status

Right, to start

no v3 is not out on 25dec 2003
and no its not out 1st jan 2004........

Sad but true, the reasons be hind this are somthing i was not expecting for some time yet, the last beta of php 5 has been released, meaning that php 5 will be released soon.
this is good and bad news, good news is that i will be able to add a load of extrars and make the game more secure quickly, the down side is, untill they release the finel version im a bit stuck...... read more

Posted by Matt Evans 2003-12-24

It's not my fault !

hey all,
now before i start dont message me asking why ok ?

I was playing with vm-wear today and lost my hard drive with gamers-fusion on :( and my last backup was a week ago :(

so, i have a weeks worth of work to do again :( but therse a catch, i wont be able to do it this week as i have exams and they come first (ffs 11 & 1/2 hours :( ) so it looks like its going to take me 2 weeks for beta 1.... read more

Posted by Matt Evans 2003-11-30

Sorry All & V3 updates

Sorry all, but due to people ripping off the Gamers-fusion 2.5 code and using it without paying the dev team respect :(
so untill sites start adding the copyright infomation into their footers the code will not be avaliable for download. I am sorry to all the people that are doing this "by the book" but i have no other option :(

V3 will be totaly incompatible with V2.5 and below ( i am working on the database issues, so you may be able to keep your users) ... read more

Posted by Matt Evans 2003-10-15

V3 out soon, but we need YOUR help!

V3, will be out soon for beta but we need your help to make new templates and new bits for the game so if you think you can help and have some time to spear drop by on irc ( #gamers.rpg or #gamers-fusion) and talk to me "splat1" and i will tell you what you can do to help :)

Posted by Matt Evans 2003-09-24

V3 & other news

ok V3 should be out in a month or so depending on if i can get this smarty sorted :P
V2.5 is out now so down load it :P
dont forget to visit the community forums (link on home page)
and i think thats all

Posted by Matt Evans 2003-09-16

And it starts

Well we have an account with now :)
and things are going ok, it will be a few weeks yet untill i release V3 but just hold tight :)

Posted by Matt Evans 2003-08-27