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Game Tools 2.0 released

Today marks the release of Game Tools 2.0, which is a suite of tools for editing and modding games...

Game Extractor 2.0 (
Game Translator 2.0 (
Game Imager 2.0 (

All these tools are now available, so head on over to the websites to get your copy.

All tools require the use of Java 1.6, so make sure you update your Java version at read more

Posted by WATTO 2008-01-12

1.5506 - 46 new games

Version 1.5506 is released, which brings another 46 games along with it. See for further information on the Full Version, or the supported games

Posted by WATTO 2005-12-28

1.5505 Update, Languages, and Source

I have uploaded version 1.5505 of Game Extractor (Basic Version). This adds about another 50 games to the previous release. I have also uploaded all the language packs, and the source code for this version. Further information, or purchasing of the full version, can be done at

Posted by WATTO 2005-12-19

1.5503 update

1.5503 has just been released, which adds support for another 80-90 games. Check out for a list of the newly supported games, and for information on the Full Version of Game Extractor.

Posted by WATTO 2005-11-18

Huge Update 1.55

A huge update today - version 1.55 adds repacking/writing support for another 135 games, and reads an additional 20 games. Also has some minor improvements, and some new language packs (Czech available now, more coming soon).

Repacking support is only available for Full Version users, available from . The version on SourceForge, the Basic Version, does not allow repacking or writing of archives. For further information, check out the website at

Posted by WATTO 2005-09-07

Updated Download: 1.522

A new project download is available from today, which brings the Basic Version in line with the latest Full Version - 1.522. Improvements over the previous version released on SourceForge include another 30 or more supported games, and a brand new user interface appearance.

For more details, or to purchase the full version, visit the website -

Posted by WATTO 2005-08-23

Updated Download: 1.5211

I have uploaded the most recent version of Game Extractor to the website today, which applies the last 3 updates to the program, bringing it in line with the Full Version at v1.5211

See for information on the changes.


Posted by WATTO 2005-07-26

Game Extractor 1.5 Released

Game Extractor 1.5 is here, and the free version allows opening of all 700+ archive formats! The whole program was reprogrammed too, including the introduction of a sidepanel to make common tasks easier to perform.

Head on over to for full information and downloads.


Posted by WATTO 2005-06-28

Basic Version (0.94) released!

I have put up a new download that puts all the necessary files and plugins into the 1 download, making it easier to install and run the program.

This will be the last release though, all users should redirect themselves to for information on the Full Version of Game Extractor, which supports many more games and has additional features.

Posted by WATTO 2005-04-28

Game Extractor 1.0 Is Here!

Game Extractor has been around for about 3 years, and finally it has reached version 1.0 . It comes with some great new features such as an archive scanner - you can find more information about the release on the revamped website. (

Thanks guys,

Posted by WATTO 2005-02-09

EXE or ZIP files?

Some of you have wondered whether to use the EXE or the ZIP files. Well, they both contain the same files, just the EXE makes it alittle easier for Windows users to install the program and update the plugins.

So which one should you use? The choice is up to you - for Windows users I would recommend that you use the EXE, especially for installing the plugins.

Thats all guys!


Posted by WATTO 2004-12-30

Finally! GE 0.94 Released

Well I finally completed the last of the plugin conversions and testing with the latest version of Game Extractor - 0.94. This version was a complete re-write from scratch for better OO structuring, and also came with a bunch of improvements such as file buffers for fast and reliable reading/writing, and more accurate detection of file format plugins. A more complete "changes" list can be found on the website.... read more

Posted by WATTO 2004-11-03

GE 0.822 Re-Release (with EXE)

Hi guys,

Due to an error in release, the GameExtractor 0.822 package did not include the *.exe or *.bat files that should have been included. The program would still have run correctly and fully if you had followed the instructions in the readme, but for everyone else I have re-released the package with the EXE files included. Sorry for the trouble.

On a side issue: I have been furiously testing Game Extractor 0.9x and converting all the plugins into the new format - so far it is looking very good and should be released fairly soon. Keep a watch out here and on the website for release information.... read more

Posted by WATTO 2004-11-02

GE 0.822 Released

The last version of the 0.8x series has been made available here. This version is stable, but the plugins and program files will not be updated if there are any problems. This download should be considered historical, as the newer 0.9x series will be uploaded as soon as I finish converting the plugins over.

Thanks guys.

Posted by WATTO 2004-10-26


Welcome everyone to the Game Extractor project at SourceForge. Over the next few weeks I will be uploading the website and project files for you all to access. I also encourage all interested developers to sign on, hopefully we can get some more support for the games out there.

So welcome everyone, and thanks for visiting

Posted by WATTO 2004-10-24

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