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Release of v0.5 delayed


My computer, Frankenstein, which I use for GC development is experiencing problems and the computer I am using in the meantime does not have the resources to run a server/php/mysql. This means development is stalled until I can resurrect my computer or buy another-hopefully we'll have funds for that at the end of the month. My tech team (read 'husband') is working to rebuild and revive Frankie as quickly as he can.... read more

Posted by NotGoddess 2005-12-10

Gallery Cart V0.5

FYI, a new version will be forthcoming soon, hopefully by year's end.

Improved administration side, plus more payment modules and coupons. Translations should finally be working correctly and there will be new buttonsets in the various locales.

How you can you help? If you are a translator, I'd love to speak with you about adding a translation for the cart. If you have specific payment options you'd like added, or other features, let me know!... read more

Posted by NotGoddess 2005-11-23

Gallery Cart v0.4

I've CVS'd version 0.4 in the gallerycart/ CVS directory.
However I am not making the release yet as there is a serious bug with the PayPal changes. I tried to integrate all the requests and it's not quite working.

On the great side, the localization looks fantastic. I even managed, with the UK locale, to allow 'basket' images instead of cart-of course I still have to make those, so unless you use the uksimple or white setting you'll still see the 'cart' buttons. But if you check out the directories you'll see 2 new images in each: add_to_basket.gif and view_basket.gif
These are substituted for the add/view gifs at runtime if you are using the en_GB setting. ... read more

Posted by NotGoddess 2005-08-01

Project Update

It has been a week since I have updated downloads so I thought I would share the project status.

I'm currently testing the last of the scripts missing from the release (client data). Photo Options is done, and I hope you like the style, because I've duplicated it for albums, combining Album Options and Album Products into one page that should be more intuitive than the current scripts.

As some changes were made to the main cart files, I'm going to make sure it all works then release a new version, with an upgrade zip for v0.3 containing the changed files and the updated sql (the only active table changed is Album_Options to add a field, so db upgrade should be painless).... read more

Posted by NotGoddess 2005-07-01

Gallery Cart v0.3 released

Gallery Cart is released!

This version contains a number of corrections to version 0.1, and those who downloaded v0.1 are advised to do a fresh install of v0.3 instead.

This version is still missing the pages v0.1 was, as this week was filled with corrections instead of enhancements. The addition of a 'debug' page will help those who may be having troubles installing the cart.

Please submit any bugs or support issues via the trackers and they'll be dealt with as soon as possible.

Posted by NotGoddess 2005-06-17

Problems with Gallery Cart v0.1

Hey folks, a number of issues have creeped up with the cart-I think I may have zipped the wrong directory-so I'm hiding the release temporarily so I can fix them w/o more folks feeling they have to hack the files to make this cart work (that wasn't the point :)

If you are having issues, please use the 'support' link to add yours to the mix or review the forums (I'm not going to add those to the support tracker-I feel my time is better spent trying to fix them just now)... read more

Posted by NotGoddess 2005-06-12

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