Thanks Michael!

Things that need to happen next:

* Update with something about this.  We have for Gallery 2, but nothing about Gallery 3 and Michael's instructions are buried in that bug url.  Michael - is this something you have time to do? Otherwise we need someone else to do this. 

* Is anyone interested in working on this to get Gallery 3 included in Debian proper? If nobody speaks up to help out, this isn't going to happen.


On Jul 13, 2011, at 10:49 AM, Michael Schultheiss wrote:

For the past several years, I've been the maintainer of the Debian
packages for gallery (Gallery 1, 2, and pending 3).

In January 2009, I filled the ITP (Intent to Package) bug for gallery3: and that URL has
instructions for installing the package from my

After several rounds of testing, the gallery3 package was uploaded to
Debian proper.  Unfortunately, the package was rejecteed by the
ftp-masters for two reasons:

1.  Licensing information for included libraries (libjs, etc.) was not
   included in the debian/copyright file
2.  Source code for .swf files was not available in the source package

I've fixed #1 in the latest package available from my
repository but need assistance from gallery-devel on where to get the
source code to fix #2.

I haven't yet re-uploaded the gallery3 package to Debian proper since
it's highly likely the package will again be rejected if both of the
issues that caused the previous rejection aren't fixed.

Another thing that should be discussed is whether it's worth having a
gallery3 package in the main Debian repository.  The benefit of having a
package in the Debian repository is the simplicity of installation via
"apt-get install gallery3"

Having a gallery3 package hosted outside of the main Debian repository
(such as my repository) gets the same benefit,
assuming one has configured their system to access that repository.
While initially somewhat complicated, the setup is a one time cost.
There are also ways to simplify the repository setup, such as a helper

Unfortunately, I haven't had as much available time to work on the
gallery packaging as I've had in the past and I'd be glad to work with
other interested people to work on the Debian packaging.

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