Missing source?

  • Gary Algier

    Gary Algier - 2009-03-20

    I downloaded the source for this project via anonymous CVS and tried to find out how to rebuild the one Linux executable and it seems that this has no source.  Am I missing something?

    My real goal is to make a Solaris executable.  Is this possible?  I searched the forums and only found an "I did it" reference.  Why do I need an executable, anyway?  If this is really a Java application shouldn't there be a way to start it with just a java command?

    Can anyone please shed some light?

    • John Kohl

      John Kohl - 2009-03-23

      See Developers.txt for instructions for building.
      Galleon is indeed a Java application, however it uses some platform-specific wrapper code to enable restarting itself in cases where it needs to restart to change configurations.
      The wrapper code is available from sourceforge as well, see section (C) in the file ThirdPartyLicenses.txt

      • Gary Algier

        Gary Algier - 2009-03-23

        Thanks for the pointer.  I guess one really should read licenses ;-)

        All I had to do was pick up the latest wrapper distribution, merge it into the Galleon distribution and it worked on Solaris!


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