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Ship editor on the way!

I'm currently working hard on the ship editor (with the free time I got) to get it working as soon as possible, so we'll be able to create different modular ship types for the game. After that, I'll have to modify the current game engine code, so the player ship don't move any more : I want to move the universe around it (to fix the overflow problem that i will encounter when moving far away from the coordinate 0).

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-09-08

Project restarted!

Everything is up and running! The website is updated more often than it was in the past and the project have been rethinked to fit my knowledges.

Get ready for the first developement release of the game engine near the end of the next week. I'm working hard on it and it's going pretty well.

Thanks a lot for the support of the GLScene community!

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-06-22

Sorry for the delay, here are the last infos!

Hello everybody,

I had trouble to configure my administration tool with the SourceForge server settings and it caused a lot of troubles with the login.

Now everything is fixed and the new website is on the way. The administration section is almost done and the public section will follow soon and will be done quickly.

I didn't worked directly on the project during the last two weeks. I had a lot of things to do after because the school is finished, but now, the main part of my 'social obligations' are done. ... read more

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-06-05

The new web site is on the way

The new website is on the way, totally made from PHP. I've almost done the biggest part (creating the tools to administrate/view the pages) so it will be up during the weekend or at the beginning of the next week.

When it will be done, the content will be updated more often and the news will be displayed directly on the site. I'm creating a whole multi-user administration system, so the administration job will be easy to do by any member of the project (depending on the privileges of each users).... read more

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-05-25

New update of the development package

A new version of the editor is available on the file release system. It now includes the atmosphere and a basic texture support for the whole thing. Some minor bugs got fixed : you could not name a planet or a moon (the default name was used all the time) and you could not edit the name of the planets directly from within the treeview.

There will be an update of the website later this week. I'll put some information about the future of the project there.

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-05-21

The project is going well!

Here are the latest news :

- I spent a long time discussing about the best way to load the world cells, and finally, I'll go with the easy way : a simple list of the actives cells supported by a 3D array of boolean to know wich cells are active or not (to speed up the search).

- I've added a basic atmosphere support to the planets, it will be added during the next hour to the CVS.

- I'm also working on a temporary texture system, so the planets won't be gray anymore. It will work along with a bumpmap, so the planets will look great with the sun light.... read more

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-05-14

Recent work... (06/05/2003)

I finished the implementation of a quadratic hash table, based on the algorithm found on the 'efg's Algorithms' page.

It is working well, but could be improved a little bit. Maybe there is some memory leaks too, but it will need testing to know where and I didn't had the time to do it (I finished working on it 20 minutes ago).

Get the Delphi unit now from the "Misc" package.

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-05-06

The project is started

I've uploaded the new web site and the CVS content yesterday. I've also packed a demonstration version and the current CVS source code. Also, Dave Kerr (from\) joined the adventure.

Thanks to the GLScene community for all the answers!

Posted by Blaise Bernier 2003-04-29

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