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SciXMiner follows Gait-CAD...

All future developments will be implemented in the new MATLAB toolbox SciXMiner, please visit

to download the newest version.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2017-03-13

Compatibility issues to older MATLAB versions

Gait-CAD 2014b is not compatible to MATLAB version 2012b and older due to changed graphic commands, e.g. isgraphics.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2014-12-19

Gait-CAD 2014b is now online

The Gait-CAD version 2014b is now online. The main changes are:

• compatibility to MATLAB 2014b (handling of graphic objects, for some parameters modified
behavior, e.g. for variant 2 in Color/Style selection)
• Association analysis for output variables (integrated functions of Narine Manukyan)
• Self-Organizing Maps (Matlab Neural Networks Toolbox is required)
• integration of Ensemble learning for classification (fitensemble.m; at the moment with fixed parameters:
”Subspace”, 10 learner, ”Discriminant”)
• support for more than one layer in MLPs
• different distant measures for data point distances
• resorting of data point distances using Visual assessment of tendency (VAT) to identify cluster
structures (integrated functions of Timothy Havens, Michigan Tech)
• 2D- and 3D-Poincare-Plots for time series
• extended functionality of Gait-CAD batch files (m-Files, relative directories with project directories
• call of macros inside macros
• new option for data import using function importdata.m (relatively fast also for large files, support
for string import)
• new option to fill with NaNs for time series with different lengths
• improved plotting of black-and-white time series with symbols
• tunable marker size for the plotting of single features
• generating and saving archives of feature relevances
• additional plot of regression results in files
• inversion of data point selection
• standard for saving .mat-files now on newest version
• optional deleting of unused terms of output variables
• opening .m-files from Gait-CAD
• plot of existing terms of all output variables in the selected data points (useful for large projects)
• large variety of bug fixes

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2014-12-03

MATLAB 2014b

Gait-CAD 1.8 is incompatible to MATLAB 2014b due to the modified handling of graphics objects. The compatibility issues will be fixed in version 1.9.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2014-10-13

New extension package ''Asphalt'' online

New extension package ''Asphalt'' online:

image processing and feature extraction for segmentation of grains in asphalt samples,
extension package ''Images and Videos'' must be installed

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2014-05-07

Gait-CAD 1.8 online

The Gait-CAD version 1.8 is now online, including updated extension packages.

Main changes:
• validation of Hierarchical Bayes classifiers
• test of normal distribution for single features
• further macros to generate single features in the folder ”standardmakros” (MIN, SUM, MEAN)
• loading of Excel files etc. with MATLAB function ”Import Data from File”
• improved visualization of image plot for time series with class sorting
• visualization of regression coefficients for Polynom models with increasing number of features
• conversion of class probabilities (in percentage) into single features
• selection of single features using feature value ranges
• new m-file generate_new_gaitcad_project.m to save Gait-CAD projects with variables from MATLAB
• selecting of additional search paths for plugins or m-files (temporary or permanent)
• repair of empty names for single features, time series, output variables and linguistic terms (to
avoid problems especially in the selection durinbg macro execution)
• improved MATLAB version compatibility (MATLAB 2013a)
• large variety of bug fixes... read more

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2013-07-24

Extension ZebrafishMiner now available

The new extension package ZebrafishMiner is now available.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2012-11-20

Gait-CAD Version 1.7 and Extensions

Gait-CAD Version 1.7 and the new Image and Video Extension and the new Tracking Extension are now available.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2012-11-09

Version 1.7 and New Image Extension

Gait-CAD Version 1.7 and the new Image Processing Extension and Tracking Extension will be available End of September 2012.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2012-08-28

Patches for MATLAB 2008a compatibility

Better compatibility for one neural network function

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2012-02-01


Some smaller corrections for MATLAB version compatibility of Neural Networks

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2012-01-09

Gait-CAD version 1.6

The Gait-CAD version 1.6 is now online.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2011-07-18


A new benchmark dataset was uploaded (Predict Grasp type of a hand prosthesis with s=108 features generated from electromyographic signals)

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2011-05-03

New patch ...

... to improve the compatibility to older MATLAB versions and the handling of missing data with NaNs in recent MATLAB versions (you can also copy the files from the related patches to your installed Gait-CAD)

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2011-03-15

Gait-CAD 1.5

The Gait-CAD version 1.5 is now online.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2010-12-16

Better compatibility to older MATLAB versions

Update of Gait-CAD 1.4 to avoid problems with "~" variables (empty returns of variables) in older MATLAB versions like 2008a

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2010-12-08

Version 1.4

The Gait-CAD version 1.4 is now online. The former version 1.3 is still available with the executables for German and English version.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2010-08-09

Extension Package Peptides and New Patch

- Extension toolbox Peptides for the analysis of antimicrobial peptides,
algorithms explained in MIKUT, R.: Computer-based Analysis, Visualization, and Interpretation of Antimicrobial Peptide Activities. In: Antimicrobial Peptides: Methods and Protocols (GIULIANI, A.; RINALDI, A. C.,
Hg.), Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press, 2010

Please extract the zip file into the directory
application_specials of your Gait-CAD if you want to use the extension package.... read more

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2010-01-29

Next bug fix and patch

The next bug was fixed, please download the German or English patch in your Gait-CAD directory.

For details see the Tracker section.

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2009-06-22

First bug and bug fix

We have the first bug in Version 1.3. It will be fixed soon. Please use the tracker to report additional bugs!

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2009-05-20

Version 1.3

Gait-CAD 1.3 is now online! You will find two versions (German or English) as self-extracting executable or as zipped version in the donwload section!

Posted by Ralf Mikut 2009-05-12


Gait-CAD has now a WIKI:


Posted by Ralf Mikut 2009-02-26

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