Joe - 2005-03-20

Hey All, I thought I let you know I was able to get this all build and running on Fedora Core 2.  I have spec files for libj2k, linphone-im, and libosip as well.  I've also got one for gaim-vv.  They are very basic spec files to make it a little easier to upgrade, and remoce these packages should I want to.

One thing I found is that linphone-im overwrites a file on the fedora core system, libspeex, I think it was. Probaly a few others.  Not sure.  This is if you install using --prefix=/usr .

After searching through this message board, I guess I can view others yahoo web cams, but not have them view mine. .  I also hear support for this is on the way.  Yeah! I haven't tried yet.  I use aim more often.

I have one question.  Is anyone working on support for aol webcams? 

I have switched to using the oscar protocol, because the toc doesn't even seem to be recgonized.