gaim-vv is dead, long live gaim!

  • Peter Lawler

    Peter Lawler - 2005-09-21

    Just a brief note, gaim-vv is completely dead now. Now work will be taking place on our cvs tree. We're close to making the merge with gaim's 2.x development tree.

    • Masca

      Masca - 2006-02-13

      There is now gaim 2.0.0 b1 and 2 ...   
      is vv team still working ???   or is now completly dead and there is no hope to get vv ??

    • trougnouf

      trougnouf - 2006-08-08

      b3 .. still scared :(

    • Jim Crayne

      Jim Crayne - 2006-10-17

      Last I heard, voice and video were no longer slated for the 2.0 release of gaim. What then? Why doesnt someone update this site?   I think many of us are really hoping to have voice and video in gaim and since gaim 2 won't have it, we would like gaim-vv developers to continue working on gaim-vv and to make releases... if that is possible.

      • smw

        smw - 2006-10-17

        It's been dead for so long many of the users (myself included) have given up on it.  I don't know why they don't just declare the project officially dead and be done with it.

    • blade

      blade - 2006-10-24

      I thought google talk w voice capability is just jabber with the libjingle library?

    • ADFH

      ADFH - 2007-03-31

      This is a shame.. that it seems that video is NEVER mentioned in any official communiques anymore on the main branch..

      How about for the summer of code stuff they put video in?

    • Chris Haragan

      Chris Haragan - 2007-06-06

      For future directions for video+sound in IM, check out  Pidgin (the new name for Gaim) will use this framework for its video/sound support.  Farsight has currently been prototyped on the OLPC (



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