Will gaim-vv support win32?

  • Samphan Raruenrom

    Will gaim-vv support win32 in the future? It'd be nice to have a multi-protocol IM+VoIP for Windows users too. There isn't any now (right).

    • dive

      dive - 2005-01-11

      I would also like to see this. Any news?

      • Tim Ringenbach

        Tim Ringenbach - 2005-01-14

        Try downloading the win32 version?
        It only supports yahoo webcam receiving, however.

    • SWAT

      SWAT - 2005-01-14

      I would like to. I'm also a windows user

    • shimane

      shimane - 2005-02-14

      where to down the win32 version of VV?

      • FatalWall

        FatalWall - 2005-02-28

        you can get it from the files page. it only supports incoming web cams from yahoo and crashes everytime i go to close it.

    • Vipen Mahajan

      Vipen Mahajan - 2005-03-21

      A newbee to this forum. Is anyone working on integrating gaim-w with say Hipergate, or other Open Source group/collaboration sw ?

      We are working on inter/intranet based collaborative re-engineering, management consulting and ERP/CRM implementations. Web based conferencing would be a boon.
      Vipen Mahajan


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