• G-14 Classified

    G-14 Classified - 2005-04-03

    Your website does not have a faq that I could find anywhere. Why exactly was gaim-vv work not done on mainline gaim? Do the gaim devs not care about video support?

    If it is a friendly port, when do you plan on porting the changes back into mainline gimp?

    Basicly, it's awesome that you guys have gaim with video, but why another gaim? Distros will not package a gaim fork, but they would package this if you merged with gaim. Just my 2 euros.

    • Peter Lawler

      Peter Lawler - 2005-04-03

      gaim-vv work is far too experimental at this stage for inclusion in the main gaim project.

      The gaim developers are very supportive of gaim-vv, however both teams realise it's too experimental to include it at this stage.

    • Peter Canada

      Peter Canada - 2005-05-18

      I'm looking forward to the day gaim-vv is no longer experimental, although I have no coding skills, I certainly hope more people get involved and contribute to the project so gaim-vv can be merged.


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