What I like about gyach

  • Jeff

    Jeff - 2005-05-07

    I'd rather use gaim it seems more stable but here are a few issues I like better about gyach that I might be able to hack gaim to act like or if someone has a better way I like suggestions.
    1. I like being able to turn off messages of people entering and leaving the room in yahoo chat rooms.
    2. I like favorite rooms to easily select frequently visited rooms.
    Just those two would make a world of difference.
    3. I like being able to join a room on startup.
    4. That when I click ignore on im window that it gives me the option to not just ignore but also close the window.

    these features might exist but I'd like to know about them?

    I do like the cam feature in gyach improved also but the reasons above are more the reason I still use gyach.

    Reasons I don't like gyach
    1.) Its reading of or writing to the config file is a little messed up and I have to restore the config from backup once in a while.
    2.) It's boot prevention sometimes messes up.
    3.) Sometimes when I get booted it crashes. and gaim did not.

    • Jeff

      Jeff - 2005-05-07

      Also I like being able to use a different login name to an im without having to log out and log backin under that othername since the login names belong to the same account

    • Peter Lawler

      Peter Lawler - 2005-05-07

      Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall someone once telling me other programs use closed source stuff. Whether gyach's cam falls in to this, I have no idea. We will get broadcasting happening, just a matter of time.


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