new Yahoo YMSG protocol 14

  • mrMarKus

    mrMarKus - 2006-04-23

    Yahoo's new messenger beta employs a new protocol (14)  that has a new login authorization response.  Has anyone checked this out?  instead of the 2 string responses, there is a single mac64 string response delimited by (307).

    • mrMarKus

      mrMarKus - 2006-04-23

      for example heres a packet snippet of the login:

      server returns the challenge{ l-h*j^a%5/o/b+x&s%(r^z*s%p%m/u%t|3&j)|u^k&8*1^m%v^e|q*s-p+n&(3)  }


      messenger returns:

      YMSG.....Ø.TZUªU....277À€v=1&n=a7kjhgfjj&l=34bf78d0rwzy/o&p=ifgihfgi&r=3s&lg=us&intl=us&np=1; path=/;À€278À€z=edited&a=QAE&sk=hff&d=edited-; path=/;À€307À€Hrs6LBhAPTLrnd6YYWlUMA--À€0À€happyvirusÀ€2À€happyvirusÀ€2À€1À€1À€happyvirusÀ€244À€524223À€135À€À€148À€300À€59À€B    5638mbp22ulg1&b=3&s=0nÀ€59À€F-editedÀ€

      the important new string:
      the mac64?  = Hrs6LBhAPTLrnd6YYWlUMA--
      which decodes to what appears to be a md5 hash


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