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Tom Scott
  • Tom Scott

    Tom Scott - 2005-04-28

    Hey, I would like to contribute to this project. I'm just wondering if there were any specific tasks I could do to help out. I was just about to sit down and map out a Yahoo! Messenger voice chat plugin for Gaim when I stumbled upon if you need any help, I'm here! :)

    • Peter Canada

      Peter Canada - 2005-05-18

      I sure hope they enlist more help to speed up development, did they respond to your offer to help? Maybe you have to email them directly.

    • Peter Lawler

      Peter Lawler - 2005-05-24

      Sorry, just saw this post. If you want to be a gaim-vv-dev, please jion the mail list and introduce yourself.

      Current 'needed' tasks that wouldn't be too difficult (but still require time and effort) are getting libmimic working within the new gstreamer environment, as well as yahoo webcam broadcast and yahoo sound.

      Be aware that CVS has moved on from the released code of 1.2.0, abstracting the idea of 'media' out from hard-coded webcam.

    • wizard_drongo

      wizard_drongo - 2005-06-24

      If you're wanting to do a yahoo voice plugin, that'd be fantastic.  I know some of the rough details, but alas, I am not a sufficient programmer to do it.  There was a site floating around a year or two back that had details relating to how the voice system works.  I believe there was even a open-source version of the truespeech codec developed for it as well.  I seem to recall the guy doing it was a bit anti-social, and only coded it for himself, and did it using ESD and python.  However, he did manage to get working what I believe is the only opensourced yahoo voice system, and since it doesn't use the official truespeech codec, which is only available on windows, it should work nicely on any system.  For a competent programmer, shouldn't be too hard to transition it from the unholy mess that is ESD and python to something like C++ (or objective C) and ALSA or OpenAL.  Hope this is of some help, and if I can be o any assistance, even though I am the worlds worst programmer, please feel free to email me on wizard_drongo at-sign

    • wizard_drongo

      wizard_drongo - 2005-06-24

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