Project dead?

  • Jesse Litton

    Jesse Litton - 2005-09-11

    There have been no releases or updates to the news page in six months.  Is this a dead project?

    • Bill Cox

      Bill Cox - 2005-09-12

      I sure as heck hope not.  This project has potential to be the #1 phone app of the future, just as gaim may well become the #1 IM app.  The two are linked... you can't be one without the other.

    • Peter Lawler

      Peter Lawler - 2005-09-14

      Far from it. We're actively working away from our CVS. Please be patient. Expect a major announcement within the next month or so.

    • Peter Lawler

      Peter Lawler - 2005-09-21

      Well, the major announcement is here. Gaim-vv is dead. Integration to gaim 2.x development is actively underway.


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