extprefs.dll is nowhere to be found

  • spc0000

    spc0000 - 2007-12-01

    The installation instructions provided with the 0.7 release direct me to copy the extprefs.dll file from the /src/ subdirectory into my Pidgin/plugins/ directory.  Regrettably, after downloading and unpacking the files, I see no instance of a DLL file anywhere.  The only file with a name that even remotely comes close to extprefs.dll is a file in the /src/ subdirectory called extendedprefs.c

    I await your command. :)

    • Anonymous - 2007-12-01

      I think you've downloaded the platform independent source version of the package.

      Make sure to download the i386 .zip file. (https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=107659&package_id=116164&release_id=504758)

      This has the windows, precompiled dll that you need.


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