#35 Unchecking "Show buddy list in taskbar" does nothing


This option used to work but somehow stopped along the way. All I remember doing was change the smiley theme and the GTK theme too so it can't be interference from a new plugin. It used to work a few days back.

I also get the crash-on-exit mentioned in another item.

Running Pidgin 2.5.2 on WinXP. Installed plugins: Bot Sentry, Buddy State Notify, History, Offline Msg Emulation, Windows Pidgin Options, and of course Extended Preferences.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    downgrading back to gtk 2.12.1 Rev B fixes the prob.. but the plugin needs to be updated to work with the newer software....

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It's a minor nitpick and it irritated me at first but now I guess I got used to it. I'd rather wait for a new version of the plugin than downgrading GTK and risk something else going haywire. Thank you.
    (Original poster)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I added this plug-in specifically for the "Show buddy list in taskbar" option functionality. I, too, am unable to get this option to work. I am running Pidgin 2.5.2 on Vista 64-Bit. Thank you.

  • Craig Harding

    Craig Harding - 2009-01-06
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