#32 Want BL open but no Taskbar entry


(1st bug ever submitted)

I have Pidgin 2.4.3 (installed as portable version from portableapps.com)

I have your extprefs installed correctly. (tested by turning off/on show buddy tooltip)

I want to have my BL open (shown) but no Taskbar entry.

I have unchecked "Show Buddlist entry in taskbar"
But after all kinds of restarts it still shows an entry in taskbar. (Even with Extpref as the only enabled plugin)

My company is using Spark (which I find unacceptable)and I don't have permission from IT to install anything so I don't want them to know I'm running pidgin. The purple bird logo in the taskbar is a dead give-away. Not to mention its really weird that this option wouldn't be natively rolled into pidgin as a lot of other IM programs I have used allow this. Please advise


  • vuego

    vuego - 2008-07-19

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    I have the same problem. Show buddy list entry in taskbar On or Off makes no difference. I'm using Pidgin 2.4.3 and Vista SP1.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I also have the same problem. Even if I unchecked the box, it still appears on my taskbar. It worked the first day I used extended preferences.

  • mike lazfsh

    mike lazfsh - 2008-08-19

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    Its funny b/c it minimizes to the tray fine & when its minimized it has no taskbar entry but I can't maximize it and have no taskbar entry.
    I even tried installing the local version (vs. the portable version from portableapps.com)
    It didn't work either.
    Anybody else in an IT lockdown situation? Are you guys running portable version?

  • Craig Harding

    Craig Harding - 2008-08-20
    • milestone: --> extended_preferences
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  • Craig Harding

    Craig Harding - 2008-08-20

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    You'll you need to downgrade your GTK+ version that came with one of the pidgin versions. This bug was submitted a few months ago when a newer GTK+ version came with Windows pidgin.

    See http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1905379&group_id=107659&atid=648308

    for details for which GTK+ version to install.

    Hopefully you'll be able to do this with portableapps, I've never installed gtk+ with portable apps.

  • Craig Harding

    Craig Harding - 2008-09-12

    Did you get this working with portable apps?

  • Craig Harding

    Craig Harding - 2008-09-12
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