connection problems (freezing gaim)

  • Ian Harcombe

    Ian Harcombe - 2003-12-23

    Not sure what is going on here, but for the last week or so, if I try and connect to my Blogger account it freezes out gaim and I have to terminate it. Don't know if anything has changed that would bring this on.

    I'm using Gaim 0.74 and Gaim-Blogger 0.70 on Windows XP. Please help - it was really useful to be able to maintain my blog this way.

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-30

      I upgraded from 70 to 74 today, downloaded the blogger-plugin, opened a blog-account and i have the same freezing.

      Also XP

    • JP

      JP - 2004-01-02

      If you mean freezing of the "Signon" window, with progress bar approx 40%,
      and only possibility to press "cancel" in this "Signon" window,
      then same here.
      Gaim itself (MSN, IRC) appears to stay working fine.

      Gaim: v0.74
      Gaim-Blogger: v0.70
      Windows XP

    • Ian Harcombe

      Ian Harcombe - 2004-01-02

      What I mean (ie what happens to me) is that gaim, as a whole locks-up. I have to terminate the process and re-run, remembering not to connect my the Blog.

    • Jason C

      Jason C - 2004-01-08

      I just downloaded this plugin being new to sourceforge, blogger, and gaim and am totally dissapointed.

      I sought answers.  I fell back from version 0.74 of Gaim to 0.70 thinking is might have to do with the version numbers, but even though 0.70 of Gaim-blogger is built for version 0.70 of Gaim, I had the same results of Gaim freezing after logging into my Blogger account.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the Blogger api.

      I see a patch here for download that updates gaim-blogger to 0.71, but it seems it must make some changes to a source file.  It also appears to be using unix based calls.  My best guess is this script or batch file needs to be run prior to building the blogger plugin from source?

      Is there someone out there that can rectify this situation and get this sorry Winblows user a new .dll?  

    • Carlos Sobrinho

      Carlos Sobrinho - 2004-01-14

      Check my patch in the patches area. It works... I can't provide any .dll because I'm not using windows but wait for news from the developers.

      The crash has something to do with the struct sent by blogger server that includes a new item, named url.

      WBR, Epilog

    • Daniel Atallah

      Daniel Atallah - 2004-01-14

      this is now fixed

    • Asgeir Storesund Nilsen

      I have installed .75 on Windows, and have tested publishing, deleting, editing.

      They all work perfectly!  Thanks!

    • Jason C

      Jason C - 2004-01-15

      Outstanding!  Thank you all very much.


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